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Garia Utility Selects Albion Golf Cars As Canadian Dealer

Press Release

Albion Golf Cars of Toronto, Canada has secured exclusive rights to distribute the Garia Utility vehicle throughout Canada. Albion has represented the Garia Luxury Golf Car line since 2016. Albion, founded in 1973, has partnered financially with the Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC) to import this unique category of electric utility vehicle manufactured in Denmark. The Garia Utility, with models deemed street legal in Europe, is more of a mini-truck than the golf car based utility vehicle models that Albion already offers for sale and for event rentals. A variety of Garia Utility models are currently in shipment for arrival May 2017.

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Garia, the world-renowned manufacturer of luxury golf carts headquartered in Denmark, has recently expanded with a brand-new division for its new line of utility vehicles: Garia Utility. After 10 years, Garia has emerged as the leader in the European golf-cart market, and with Garia Utility, the company plans on instigating a paradigm shift in which low-speed utility vehicles rule both city streets and rural roads.

Two Innovative UTV Models

Garia Utility has initially designed two distinct models from which to choose: the Garia Utility Park and the Garia Utility City. After years of research, the final products came about primarily because of the development team’s meticulous attention to each and every detail. This team wanted to create nothing less than the world’s best electric utility vehicle by including the perfect mix of ergonomics, functionality and durability at every level of production, from new factory tools to the smallest components in each model.

The Garia Utility Park and Utility City were developed from the ground up and were made to include a number of standard features and options for customization without compromising the details and quality. Most of the components are from Europe’s top suppliers, and several features have never been seen in low-speed utility vehicles until now.

High in Comfort, Rich in Features

The Garia Utility is a compact utility truck that incorporates an electric, zero-emissions motor with reliability, functionality, ergonomics and comfort. The two debut models are one-of-a-kind vehicles, and they have already jolted the market as all segments try to process all of the possibilities the design has opened.

Eco-friendly vehicles are on the rise, but most manufacturers are still contemplating how to increase efficiency so that they are more practical. Garia has accomplished this mission with its new division. Both models can reach top speeds of 45 km/h and can be driven for 60 kilometers on a full charge. Charging is done by simply extracting the plug from under the front hood and plugging it into any standard electrical outlet. You do not need to go out of your way to locate hard-to-find charging stations, which is one of the greatest hassles drivers face with full-size electric vehicles.

The development team made sure to consider all of the needs of the average utility-vehicle driver and passenger when designing the Garia Utility, and two of the most important of these considerations were comfort and durability. The advanced suspension and reduced vibration from the components in this UTV promise a smooth ride on most surfaces, and the cabin is very spacious considering the total size of the vehicle. In addition, the Garia Utility offers an abundance of storage space, including a sizeable area under the lockable hood.

Among the features Garia is promoting is the Webasto-heated cabin, which provides a great deal of legroom along with a host of ergonomic controls and improved visibility. Inside the cabin, you may find further luxuries, including a dashboard refrigerator to keep backup beverages cold and side cup holders located near the adjustable mirrors. You can also listen to your favorite tunes on the Bluetooth stereo, and a 12-volt power outlet is available to keep your personal electronics charged.

Another great design feature is the compact form factor, which allows you to navigate easily through narrow spaces and even between posts and other barriers designed to keep out traditional trucks and automobiles. The bed of the Garia Utility must also be mentioned when talking about the design of the vehicle because it can hold up to 740 kilograms and features an automated tilting mechanism.

Garia Utility Park

The first of the new Garia models is the Garia Utility Park. It was designed to be used in industrial settings and enclosed areas or communities where it is not necessary to drive on city streets. Both models include a high-efficiency, three-phase AC motor that runs on 48 volts with 15 horsepower at peak and 4 horsepower continuous, and both use a 350-amp Curtis controller. The Utility Park powers the motor with a bank of six 8-volt Trojan batteries or an optional upgrade to Samsung SDI lithium-ion batteries, which require no maintenance and increase the maximum carrying capacity.

The Garia Utility Park also includes a range of standard features, including headlights, turn signals and a single-point water-filling system.

Garia Utility City

The Garia Utility City was specifically designed to meet the requirements for street-legal vehicles as established by the E.U. It is perfect for accomplishing daily tasks, making deliveries or carrying out many other types of business in the city without contributing to air and noise pollution. This version of the Garia Utility includes the same high-efficiency motor, but it is powered by eight 6-volt Trojan batteries, which can also be upgraded to the new Samsung SDI lithium system.

Optional accessories available for either model include rear lights, windshield wipers, winter tires, adjustable bucket seats, speed-selector switch, brush guard and roof rails.


Albion Golf Cars is located in Toronto, Ontario. We are dedicated to providing golf car and utility vehicle solutions for our customers. Founded in 1973, we pride ourselves as being customer focused, committed to constant improvement, and a service leader in our field. We provide knowledgeable golf cart sales, custom outfitting, fleet rentals, special event rentals, in-house and mobile service, parts and accessories.

Albion personnel are well trained, driven, entrepreneurial, and focused on providing only the best products and service for our customers. Albion is an experienced dealer for: AGT Electric Cars, Club Car, E-Z-GO, Garia Luxury Cars, and Yamaha brands.

Contact us for further information at 416.236.1001 or at

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