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The Masters of Custom Carts –

Building your personal customized golf cart requires a team effort. Sure, you know what you like the look of, but building that “perfect” cart economically, and not missing the latest features available, often requires expert help. Since 1973, Albion Golf Cars has created some of the most outstanding custom vehicles in Ontario. Albion has expert staff in both its shop and parts department. With your Albion sales advisor, the Albion team can provide you literally dozens of options to choose from.

Begin your search with research!

Albion Golf Cars have plenty of previously built custom carts on Facebook and Instagram. These cars were created for other customers but may be a good starting point. Our website and AutoTrader pages have custom carts that we have created for sale. If nothing there resembles your “dream” cart, simply call in or email us for a consultation or quotation.

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Sales Manager: Cody Eaton (

Phone: 416.236.1001

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