How Often Should I Charge My Electric Golf Cart?

A: Golf car batteries operate to their fullest potential if they are charged after every use. Running batteries down shortens their life span and also puts a strain on the electrical components of the drive train. Not having enough power to turn the motor over makes the motor, controller, FNR switch, and solenoid work harder.

How Important Is It To Keep My Batteries Clean?

A: Batteries in your golf carT are connected in a series, one to another, by cables. In order to get the best performance from your golf car (that is, all 36- or 48-volts of power) you need to have good connections across each battery.

Anytime you have dirt, grass or residual battery acid on your batteries, you have the potential for these contaminants to collect in areas where cables need to have good contact with terminals. That is bad! On the other hand, dirt and corrosion could also provide a path for current to flow outside the designated path, thereby allowing the batteries to self discharge. Either way, that is not good.