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  • How long can I rent a golf cart for?
    Our minimum rental period is 1 day. We do not rent by the hour. There's no limit to how long you can rent.
  • Do I need a driver's license to drive a golf cart?
    Yes. We recommend drivers have their G2/G and are at least 16 years of age.
  • Do I need insurance to rent a golf cart?
    Yes, we do not provide renter's insurance for our vehicles. Your own policy (business, home, property) will have to cover the rental. As the renter, you assume all risk, including loss, theft, damage, and/or bodily harm while the cart is in your possession.
  • How many carts can I order?
    Our minimum order is 1 cart. Based on availability, you can rent as many as you want.
  • Do you deliver?
    Yes. We deliver anywhere within a 200km radius of our headquarters. Freight fees are calculated based on time and distance.
  • Can I pick-up my rental cart if I have the means to transport it?
    Yes. Depending on the size of the cart you rent, a standard pick-up truck or trailer 5x10 or larger is required. Note we do not have a loading dock. Your trailer or pick-up truck must have drop-down ramps.
  • Are rental golf carts street-legal?
    No. All golf carts are not street-legal in the province of Ontario, with the exception of some township pilot projects. Rental carts should be used on private property/communities unless a permit is obtained from the town/city for use on public roads.
  • What happens if my rental cart needs service?
    We will send a driver with an identical unit and swap out your cart. We do not dispatch mechanics or offer on-site service. If your rental is long-term we will explain some general routine maintenance.
  • What happens if my rental cart gets damaged?
    As the renter, you are responsible for all damages to the cart during the rental period.
  • Do you rent tournament carts by the day? Seasonally?
    We do not rent tournament carts seasonally. We have a small fleet for daily rentals, however we only rent to a select few Toronto courses. We no longer offer daily rentals to golf courses outside of Etobicoke/Downtown Toronto.
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