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Self-Storage Facilities and Golf Carts

There are several markets beyond the golf course that require quick mobility and operational efficiency. The self-storage market is one in particular that creates the use of golf carts as a necessity. Typically, golf carts are driven at self-storage facilities 365 days of the year. With well over 100 independent and corporate run locations across southern Ontario, storage facilities and golf carts have forged quite the relationship.

Self-storage facilities such as Public Storage were created to provide private locker rentals. Living in a city can lead to a lack of space. A tiny condo or smaller town houses can create a demand for storing seasonal belongings and larger items. These treads have continued to increase, resulting in storage companies expanding. A typical self-storage facility can range from a few dozen rental lockers to many hundred. The location and staff size tend to dictate the demand for golf carts

Golf carts are purchased to assist in the day-to-day operations with the maintenance staff. Managers will also use them to showcase the storage grounds to potential renters. This is a benefit to the customer experience for the renters, especially in colder weather. Albion Golf Cars supplies brands such as Club Car, E-Z-GO and AGT to self-storage facilities throughout Ontario. Usually, the carts are reconditioned with new batteries and modified with lights and a plastic cargo box. The alternative is to outfit the cart as a four passenger, with a fold down rear seat. This allows the maintenance staff to move tools much more effectively.

Storage facilities continue to choose electric powered golf carts due to their low maintenance, reliability and zero noise and emissions. There are plenty of alternatives, however they are mostly gas powered and not as user friendly. There’s also been an initiative from corporate offices towards “going green”. From a service stand point, there are more moving parts in a gas powered engine as opposed to replacing a set of batteries. Due to the staff’s dependency on golf carts, there is a need for general servicing and battery replacement. Over the years Albion has emerged as the industry leader that specializes in cart servicing.

There may be a time when self-storage facilities graduate from golf carts, however there will always be the need for quick and reliable transportation. Over the last 40 years Albion has serviced carts all across the Golden Horseshoe with majority of clients being located in the GTA. Albion continues to partner with companies and businesses of all sizes in the storage industry and are proud sponsors with the CSSA (Canadian Self-Storage Association).


Albion is an authorized dealer for AGT Electric, Club Car Onward, Club Car Carryall and XRT Utility, Garia Luxury Cars, Garia Utility and MOKE America. We are also an experienced vendor of E-Z-GO, Cushman and Yamaha brands.

Albion Golf Cars of Toronto is dedicated to providing new and used golf cart and utility vehicle solutions for our customers. Founded in 1973, we pride ourselves as being customer focused, committed to constant improvement, and a service leader in our field. We provide knowledgeable sales, custom outfitting, fleet rentals, special event rentals, in-house and mobile service, parts and accessories. Our personnel are well trained, driven, entrepreneurial, and focused on providing only the best products and service for our customers.

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