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Purchasing a New or Used Golf Cart in 2022 - A Buyer’s Guide from Albion Golf Cars

This is an update of a 2022 blog; enough information has changed in this marketplace to warrant a rewrite.

Shopping for a new or used personal golf car may appear daunting. Choices from authorized dealers, independents, private sellers, listings from websites, Google reviews, competing brands, technical jargon, the many options and inconsistent prices add to the vastness of the task of buying a golf car. (Yes, they are correctly known as golf cars, but the slang of “carts” is now commonplace.)

Albion Golf Cars has been selling new and used golf carts since 1973. It is our belief that buyers are best served when well informed, erasing the difficulty inherent in such a large purchase. Unlike the automotive world, there are no regulations or “lemon laws” governing the sale of golf carts. Hence, this article is an attempt to combine some of the industry’s best advice on this topic into a Buyer’s Guide to assure that you purchase wisely.


The “Big Three” of golf cart manufacturing are Club Car, E-Z-GO and Yamaha. All these are assembled at facilities in Georgia; all have excellent engineering and for the purposes of this article be deemed as equal in quality and price points. Other players in this market come from China (AGT Electric as one example) at a lower price point, and Denmark (Garia) at a much higher price.

Current Market Conditions:

There have been a multitude of factors that have increased both pricing and scarcity in the new and used golf cart market.

Why are golf cars so much more expensive in this post-pandemic period? Look to any industry related to power sports: supply chains have failed, inflation has impacted material, labour and transportation costs, and demand has surged beyond all expectations. World demand for golf and utility vehicles cannot be nearly met when production facilities have outputs of less than 1,000 units per day to satisfy world demand. The 10-15 years of declining golf course and participant numbers has been reversed with the pandemic and the retirement of baby-boomers spiking the numbers. Golf is on the rise!

New cart purchases now have lead times of 10-16 months. Used fleets have been snapped up in the growing aftermarket of trailer parks and cottages. As a dealer, Albion is paying huge premiums over historical benchmarks for both new and used vehicles. When will this normalize or will prices drop? The answer is: Unlikely!

Considerations When Buying a Golf Cart:

1. New or Used?