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A Guide to Golf Cart Event Rentals

Renting a golf cart seems like a simple task - you find a dealer, you call to book and you're all set. What most people don’t know is that much more goes into a rental. Not only can availability be limited, you may not even know what you actually require. Are you moving people or equipment? Do you need gas or electric units? What about delivery and pick-up? There's a lot to consider!

This informational blog is here to help our customers better understand the process of golf cart rentals in Toronto and Southwestern Ontario. We hope it not only saves you time and money, but will add success to your next event.

When outsourcing rental needs, trusting the right supplier can make all the difference. Albion Golf Cars maintains a 400+ cart fleet of updated, well-maintained vehicles. Since 1973 we’ve provided the GTA with “Vehicle Solutions for All Occasions.”


Types of Vehicles

Whether you need one cart for a wedding or 100+ vehicles at a PGA event, you first want to work with the supplier and figure out the type of vehicle(s) you'll needed. We generally ask the customer what are you transporting: people or materials? Or both!

Albion offers a variety of ten different vehicles for every events specific needs which you can view here.

Type of Power

Albion offers both gas and electric powered vehicles, both suited for specific types of events and venues. For outdoor events where power is limited and run-time exceeds 8+ hours, we recommend using gas vehicles. Gas is more reliable since you don't have to worry about charging the unit. To put in perspective, a gas cart on a golf course can last up to 3 rounds of 18 holes on a full tank. Electric vehicles are ideal for indoor events at convention centres, sports stadiums, and indoor concert venues to name a few. The most important thing regarding an electric vehicle is making sure it gets a full 6-8 hour charge when not in use. We recommend carts are plugged into a wall outlet and advise against the use of power bars and extension cords, which can disrupt the charge and affect the battery life.

Vehicle Specifications & Options

Just like the car you drive, a golf cart comes with standard features, as well as additional options. The majority of rentals are simple: a canopy and windshield. Depending on your requirements, other popular features include headlights, horn, slow-moving sign, beacon light, hitch, and even seatbelts. It’s good to know your venue and order specs accordingly.


Know Your Dates & Times

Simply knowing the date of your event is only a starting point. You might need vehicles a day early for set-up and need them after the event for tear-down. If your team needs a delivery or pick up by a particular (window) time of day you must specify! Note that like your cable guy, traffic and other factors can make exact timing difficult so plan your delivery window accordingly.

It’s always best to provide at least one or two on-site contacts for day of delivery and pick-up. Our driver will call 20-30 mins prior to provide an ETA. We require a signature upon arrival unless a drop off location is discussed ahead of time. Any further delivery instructions (i.e specific map, parking lot, entrance, hall) is always much appreciated to make the delivery go smoothly for both parties.

Book Early to Avoid Stress!

Some dates sellout industry-wide such as long weekends, especially in the summer months. May to September specifically, dealers have several events that demand exceeds supply. So get your carts booked well in advance!

Quantity & Extra Units

If your vehicles are critical to the success of your event, it’s good to consider a spare unit. The chances of an unassigned cart being utilized is high so it’s always good to have an extra on hand. Unforeseeable mechanical issues can also occur such as lights left on which will kill a battery or a cart wasn’t charged overnight. That extra unit comes in handy when these things occur.

Delivery & Pick-up Cost

Freight will be part of your quoted cost. Some dealers blend it in with their pricing and others have it as a separate line item. Albion normally separates freight so that customers have the option of using a third party. Location specifics are an important component in pricing. Rates will vary amongst suppliers; however, it is universal that more distance means more cost. If you can build your quantity specifications around a full trailer load your price will reflect that economy.

Pricing: It Can Be Hard to Figure

Most golf and utility rental companies do not publish a rate sheet. Why? Sure, they know their target daily rate for various types of vehicles; but no two rentals are ever exactly the same. Each rental will have a unique set of specifications.

Pricing Factors

  • Time of year (winter and summer rates will vary)

  • Quantity

  • Transportation costs. (Freight is determined by distance from the dealer)

  • Trailer load efficiencies

  • Length of rental

  • Weekday versus weekend freight cost will vary

  • Gas versus Electric units may have slightly differing costs

  • Setting of the event (Muddy or dusty venue adds to cleaning costs)

  • Terms (Deposits and payment in advance will reduce costs)

Insurance, Damages and Rental Waivers: “No ticket…No laundry.”

Dealers will require that your organization sign a rental agreement before you can be assigned the vehicles. In fact, your carts are not reserved by Albion until this is signed. You may also be asked to sign-off on pricing as well as provide a COI (Certificate of Insurance). These items may require that you consult with several people within your organization which is why you need to get an early start. Without exception, dealers are expecting you to self-insure and return the vehicle in the condition in which it was delivered. Dealers also want you to assume all liability arising from the use of the vehicles. Theft, damages and possible lawsuits are not uncommon; be certain to insure your rental.

Other Tips

  • Ask you supplier for a few extra keys. Have drivers put the key on their keychain (keys are small and easily lost)

  • If you have drivers unfamiliar with golf carts, ask your supplier for some training tips

  • Invest in or ask your supplier for a 6’ cable lock (through steering wheel and seat back) if there are security concerns

  • If carts are left outside at night you may want to consider security (carts have values between $5,000 and $15,000. The renter is under contract to both insure the cart and fix damages done while at the event

  • Consider whether spare tire or two will be needed

  • You may want to identify your rental unit with a sticker, ribbon or decal label in events with other golf cars

mail for options and pricing.


Albion is an authorized dealer for AGT Electric, Club Car Onward, Club Car Carryall and XRT Utility, Garia Luxury Cars, Garia Utility and MOKE America. We are also an experienced vendor of E-Z-GO, Cushman and Yamaha brands.

Albion Golf Cars of Toronto is dedicated to providing new and used golf cart and utility vehicle solutions for our customers. Founded in 1973, we pride ourselves as being customer focused, committed to constant improvement, and a service leader in our field. We provide knowledgeable sales, custom outfitting, fleet rentals, special event rentals, in-house and mobile service, parts and accessories. Our personnel are well trained, driven, entrepreneurial, and focused on providing only the best products and service for our customers.

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